Animation Set


This is the set for an animation inprogress I've done 3/9 of it so far i'll hopefully upload it next week =) x

Animation Set2016-03-23T13:22:06+00:00

Spray Can Art


          I decided to carry on working with cans after seeing Chris Brett's work on spray cans. I realised that for some reason I’ve been hording a load of empty spray cans =S. So working with the concept of population (as spray cans produce pollution) I

Spray Can Art2016-03-23T13:23:08+00:00

Homemade Sketchbook


          I made myself a sketch book! For my new assignment which (if you hadn't guessed is already) is about recycling. So I thought the best thing to do for an assignment about recycling is, instead of buying a new sketchbook, make one out of all

Homemade Sketchbook2016-03-23T13:27:15+00:00
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