How I Proposed.


  Proposal Pals.     I Wanted to do something different for my Proposal and after a very long time thinking, designing, creating then re-re-re-designing... This is what I produced a set of plush toys named The Proposal Pals. The concept is simple the name of each toy represents the

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Whittled Wooden cup


    I decided to make a cup, so I did, and this is it. I made it with an axe, a spoon knife, a drill (to make the hole) and sand paper preserving it with vegetable oil.  

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Tire Flower Pot


      This isn't my Idea, I don't really know whose Idea it is. But I thought it was a cool and clever way to use up an old tire. It was hard work but it looks great and was FUN!  

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Cat Shaped Bird House


  Just made this for fun they kind of look like feline sex dolls =S I am selling them so if you have a bird that what’s housing or a cat that wants pleasing =) email me for more details price is £25.00

Cat Shaped Bird House2016-03-22T21:42:11+00:00

The Forgotten Gherkin


I made this a while back. It shows the poignant decay of a forgotten gherkin in a cupboard. I like how everything in the cupboard has been moved and used except for the gherkin, who has been moved but only to get to other things, that and his decay emphasises

The Forgotten Gherkin2016-03-22T21:54:55+00:00

Christmas Plush Pocket People


        These are Christmas Pocket People made for my Mum. There made from my mum's old jeans... so I just gave her what she already owns in the form of little people that live in a pocket =)  

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Plush Jake The Dog (Adventure Time)


This is Jake the dog a character from Adventure Time, if you haven’t heard of Adventure Time here's a handy Wikipedia link It’s The Best Cartoon Ever! And I urge you to watch it! I made him for my brother out of an old T-shirt and a 25 pence

Plush Jake The Dog (Adventure Time)2016-03-23T12:23:27+00:00

Tin Duck


    A Duck made from two cider cans, a piece of wood, metal rod axils and cherry B bottle cap wheels for my Dad for christmas. I took influence from Loran Scruggs work.  

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Matchstick Tree


    This is a sculpture made purely from matches and there boxes... and some glue. I did this as a response to a lyric by Stereophonic "Only takes one tree, to make one thousand matches. Only takes one match, to burn A thousand trees" I will burn this sculpture

Matchstick Tree2016-03-23T12:34:20+00:00

Recycled Robot #11 Toby


  This is Toby (Age 4). He was found Abandoned in the corner of an old dusty house. Cowering in a bin bag. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Toby a new home please email me.    

Recycled Robot #11 Toby2016-03-23T12:53:35+00:00

Recycled Robot #10 Sybil


  This is Sybil (Age 26). She was found homeless and in pieces, hiding within a box . (For Sale) If you'd like to give Sybil a new home please email me. View the profile card to find out what she's made from.        

Recycled Robot #10 Sybil2016-03-23T12:54:47+00:00

Recycled Robot #9 Oscar


  This is Oscar (Age 9). He was found alone, slowly rocking himself to sleep on the top shelf of a decaying cupboard. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Oscar a new home please email me. View the profile card to find out what he's made from.    

Recycled Robot #9 Oscar2016-03-23T12:56:02+00:00

Recycled Robot #8 Martel


  This is Martel (Age unknown).He was found in a smouldering crater, incoherently muttering the words “Mar” presumably meaning Mars or The Lord and “Tel” which could mean he has a message, but he's never spoken since. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Martel a new home please email

Recycled Robot #8 Martel2016-03-23T12:58:26+00:00

Recycled Robot #7 Timmy


  This is Timmy (Age 19). He was found Coated in cobwebs curled up in the darkest corner of a garage. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Timmy a new home please email me. View the profile card to find out what he's made from.        

Recycled Robot #7 Timmy2016-03-23T12:57:21+00:00

Recycled Robot #6 Roy


  This is Roy (Age 42). He was found gathering dust, all alone, confined in a tiny cupboard. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Roy a new home please email me. View the profile card to find out what he's made from.        

Recycled Robot #6 Roy2016-03-23T12:59:39+00:00
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