New Home!


So Last Year my fiancee and I Bought our first home, we renovated it and now live in it with our awesome 1 year old son Check it out! More photo's on my Carpentry Website here if you're interested.

New Home!2017-02-09T14:05:45+00:00

Whittled Wooden cup


    I decided to make a cup, so I did, and this is it. I made it with an axe, a spoon knife, a drill (to make the hole) and sand paper preserving it with vegetable oil.  

Whittled Wooden cup2016-03-22T21:34:48+00:00

Cat Shaped Bird House


  Just made this for fun they kind of look like feline sex dolls =S I am selling them so if you have a bird that what’s housing or a cat that wants pleasing =) email me for more details price is £25.00

Cat Shaped Bird House2016-03-22T21:42:11+00:00
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