Project Description

Proposal Pals

I Wanted to do something different for my Proposal and after a very long time thinking, designing, creating then re-re-re-designing… This is what I produced a set of plush toys named The Proposal Pals. The concept is simple the name of each toy represents the four words every proposal needs, Will You Marry Me.



Robot (10)


This one is named Will-e. He’s a robot and the ring bearer.


This one is named Louise (my girlfriends name.) She’s an owl.


This one is named Mary, she’s a Turtle.

penguin (6)

And finally this one is named Luke (my name) he’s a Penguin.

alltogether (2)

And Together they are the Proposal Pals. From left to right
Will, Louise, Mary, Luke?

label 2

The labels front and back.