Just a little slideshow detailing what me and my financée got up to before our little baby boy was born ^_^   Song:   Goldfrapp - Little Bird (edited)  


Spray Can Evolution Animation


It took 2 weeks to finish this animation. It's a draw and rub-out animation, like my cup one. The concept is after millions of years of human evolution this is want its come to. And it seems only right that the animation is on a can which causes pollution. My inspirations

Spray Can Evolution Animation2016-03-23T13:24:59+00:00

Animation Set


This is the set for an animation inprogress I've done 3/9 of it so far i'll hopefully upload it next week =) x

Animation Set2016-03-23T13:22:06+00:00

Zombie Worm Animation Model


Zombieworm! This is the finished model with a wire armature inside for ease of animation and to keep it erect =) I’m really happy with the way it turned out and how I’ve somehow made it look better than the original drawings. Here is a test animation of Zombieworm on

Zombie Worm Animation Model2016-03-23T13:40:36+00:00

The Lost Teddy Bear Animation Extra


                          The Lost Bear animation screen shots, for an animation project at college It's influenced by The Brothers Quay, Eerie Indiana, Tim Burton and various animations all over youtube, anyway here's the link... enjoy.  

The Lost Teddy Bear Animation Extra2016-03-23T13:42:19+00:00
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