Bristol Interview Project


Zombieworm’s life through social networking     Fosterbots creation     Fosterbots Flyer     Project title: Illustrate three of your Main Influences   I chose to approach this project like a scrapbook photo album of my life. I did make a book but it sucked so here’s the content,

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River Song’s Journal


      I made this for my little brother. It's a sketchbook based on River Song's journal in Doctor Who Look! I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  

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Sketchbook Made from a Sign


        I made a sketch book form a sign I found it was a plastic WET TAR sign, not the best sign to use but it still looks cool. The binding is also part of the sign I split it in to reveal the corrugated middle. I

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Homemade Sketchbook 2


After having my old sketchbook ruefully snatched from me by my evil ex-tutors. I made a brand spanking new one complete with a leather spine and a bark cover from an ash tree . It's not really finished, but I'm not going to finish it anytime soon so I thought

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Homemade Sketchbook


          I made myself a sketch book! For my new assignment which (if you hadn't guessed is already) is about recycling. So I thought the best thing to do for an assignment about recycling is, instead of buying a new sketchbook, make one out of all

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Denim Photobook


      My photo book made from denim, bound by shoe lace and featuring the pocket people how are too made from denim and bits of shoe the perfect fusion =)  

Denim Photobook2016-03-13T12:33:05+00:00
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