Sasquatch Salad


A Textured digital Illustration of Bigfoot Munching on a delicious tree in a forest this is a Sasquatch Salad. Buy as a Print or Clothing / Product

Sasquatch Salad2017-08-23T21:30:09+00:00

Alpaca Chewbacca


Alpaca Chewbacca Starwars Fanart Illustration A cute little Star Wars inspired character design Illustration of Chewbacca as an Alpaca. I did this initially because I thought 'Alpaca Chewbacca' rhymed, but it turned out I was just pronouncing it wrong.

Alpaca Chewbacca2017-05-23T15:15:47+00:00



  Just a little slideshow detailing what me and my financée got up to before our little baby boy was born ^_^   Song:   Goldfrapp - Little Bird (edited)  




      A Birthday Card I made for my Mum.  


The Forgotten Gherkin


I made this a while back. It shows the poignant decay of a forgotten gherkin in a cupboard. I like how everything in the cupboard has been moved and used except for the gherkin, who has been moved but only to get to other things, that and his decay emphasises

The Forgotten Gherkin2016-03-22T21:54:55+00:00

Matchstick Tree


    This is a sculpture made purely from matches and there boxes... and some glue. I did this as a response to a lyric by Stereophonic "Only takes one tree, to make one thousand matches. Only takes one match, to burn A thousand trees" I will burn this sculpture

Matchstick Tree2016-03-23T12:34:20+00:00

Plush Denim Monster


    This loveable little scamp all started when I was making more pocket people (located deep in my older post archive) I realized that I was wasting a lot of fabric and then he was born =)  

Plush Denim Monster2016-03-23T12:35:49+00:00

Cat Card


      My adorable Cat Card (or whatever animal it maybe card) Idea.  

Cat Card2016-03-23T12:37:10+00:00

Recycled Robot #11 Toby


  This is Toby (Age 4). He was found Abandoned in the corner of an old dusty house. Cowering in a bin bag. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Toby a new home please email me.    

Recycled Robot #11 Toby2016-03-23T12:53:35+00:00

Recycled Robot #10 Sybil


  This is Sybil (Age 26). She was found homeless and in pieces, hiding within a box . (For Sale) If you'd like to give Sybil a new home please email me. View the profile card to find out what she's made from.        

Recycled Robot #10 Sybil2016-03-23T12:54:47+00:00

Recycled Robot #9 Oscar


  This is Oscar (Age 9). He was found alone, slowly rocking himself to sleep on the top shelf of a decaying cupboard. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Oscar a new home please email me. View the profile card to find out what he's made from.    

Recycled Robot #9 Oscar2016-03-23T12:56:02+00:00

Recycled Robot #8 Martel


  This is Martel (Age unknown).He was found in a smouldering crater, incoherently muttering the words “Mar” presumably meaning Mars or The Lord and “Tel” which could mean he has a message, but he's never spoken since. (For Sale) If you'd like to give Martel a new home please email

Recycled Robot #8 Martel2016-03-23T12:58:26+00:00
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