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            I’ve made an Influence blog it was real fun doing and taught me loads of new techniques and with coding, illustrator and blogger. Each header is designed for a separate people: the highland cow is mine, the Lemur Is my brother Ryan’s and the

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Bristol Interview Project


Zombieworm’s life through social networking     Fosterbots creation     Fosterbots Flyer     Project title: Illustrate three of your Main Influences   I chose to approach this project like a scrapbook photo album of my life. I did make a book but it sucked so here’s the content,

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      I had no moneys so I made my girlfriend a present this year and this is what I did. Its a Soft toy called Love Lick (due to the scroll on the original design drawing) that hugs, and licks you simultaneously =) just what every girl’s always

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Cat Card


      My adorable Cat Card (or whatever animal it maybe card) Idea.  

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Spray Can Evolution Animation


It took 2 weeks to finish this animation. It's a draw and rub-out animation, like my cup one. The concept is after millions of years of human evolution this is want its come to. And it seems only right that the animation is on a can which causes pollution. My inspirations

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Spray Can Art


          I decided to carry on working with cans after seeing Chris Brett's work on spray cans. I realised that for some reason I’ve been hording a load of empty spray cans =S. So working with the concept of population (as spray cans produce pollution) I

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Pocket People Illustration Robot


This is an illustration of a robot Pocket Person in a wood collecting rabits for some reason =S. The woods are influenced by the tall branchless trees in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm planning on doing more of these.

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