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The Lovely folks @artpicks4kids have featured me as an artist on their amazing new website! ^_^ Thanks you! Check them out! LINK: https://artpicks4kids.com/collections/boney-design #art #kids #cute #posters #nursery

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Sasquatch Salad


A Textured digital Illustration of Bigfoot Munching on a delicious tree in a forest this is a Sasquatch Salad. Buy as a Print or Clothing / Product

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Alpaca Chewbacca


Alpaca Chewbacca Starwars Fanart Illustration A cute little Star Wars inspired character design Illustration of Chewbacca as an Alpaca. I did this initially because I thought 'Alpaca Chewbacca' rhymed, but it turned out I was just pronouncing it wrong.

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  Just a little slideshow detailing what me and my financée got up to before our little baby boy was born ^_^   Song:   Goldfrapp - Little Bird (edited)  


How I Proposed.


  Proposal Pals.     I Wanted to do something different for my Proposal and after a very long time thinking, designing, creating then re-re-re-designing... This is what I produced a set of plush toys named The Proposal Pals. The concept is simple the name of each toy represents the

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Building sack collage


I found this sack and kind of felt for the man on the cover. He looked like he was in deep though. So I made a collage of what he was thinking =)  

Building sack collage2016-03-22T21:25:17+00:00
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