Christmas Plush Pocket People


        These are Christmas Pocket People made for my Mum. There made from my mum's old jeans... so I just gave her what she already owns in the form of little people that live in a pocket =)  

Christmas Plush Pocket People2016-03-22T21:58:41+00:00

Plush Denim Monster


    This loveable little scamp all started when I was making more pocket people (located deep in my older post archive) I realized that I was wasting a lot of fabric and then he was born =)  

Plush Denim Monster2016-03-23T12:35:49+00:00

Denim Photobook


      My photo book made from denim, bound by shoe lace and featuring the pocket people how are too made from denim and bits of shoe the perfect fusion =)  

Denim Photobook2016-03-13T12:33:05+00:00

Pocket People Illustration Robot


This is an illustration of a robot Pocket Person in a wood collecting rabits for some reason =S. The woods are influenced by the tall branchless trees in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm planning on doing more of these.

Pocket People Illustration Robot2016-03-13T13:09:15+00:00

Plush Pocket People Gray


Pocket people made from jeans and bits of shoe. Each one has its own personality because each one varies, this is the gray set. The reason behind doing this is because I wanted to make a character and then draw it instead of the over way around.

Plush Pocket People Gray2016-03-23T13:38:50+00:00
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