Just a little slideshow detailing what me and my financée got up to before our little baby boy was born ^_^   Song:   Goldfrapp - Little Bird (edited)  


The Forgotten Gherkin


I made this a while back. It shows the poignant decay of a forgotten gherkin in a cupboard. I like how everything in the cupboard has been moved and used except for the gherkin, who has been moved but only to get to other things, that and his decay emphasises

The Forgotten Gherkin2016-03-22T21:54:55+00:00

Denim Photobook


      My photo book made from denim, bound by shoe lace and featuring the pocket people how are too made from denim and bits of shoe the perfect fusion =)  

Denim Photobook2016-03-13T12:33:05+00:00

The Lost Teddy Bear Animation Extra


                          The Lost Bear animation screen shots, for an animation project at college It's influenced by The Brothers Quay, Eerie Indiana, Tim Burton and various animations all over youtube, anyway here's the link... enjoy.  

The Lost Teddy Bear Animation Extra2016-03-23T13:42:19+00:00
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