How I Proposed.


  Proposal Pals.     I Wanted to do something different for my Proposal and after a very long time thinking, designing, creating then re-re-re-designing... This is what I produced a set of plush toys named The Proposal Pals. The concept is simple the name of each toy represents the

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Plush Birthday Cake Card


    I made my Girlfriend a Birthday Cake... Card thing with a cardboard home. Made from fleece and knickers, it opens up to read ‘Happy birthday Louise I Love You’ inside the Jammy bit ^_^  

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      I had no moneys so I made my girlfriend a present this year and this is what I did. Its a Soft toy called Love Lick (due to the scroll on the original design drawing) that hugs, and licks you simultaneously =) just what every girl’s always

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Christmas Plush Pocket People


        These are Christmas Pocket People made for my Mum. There made from my mum's old jeans... so I just gave her what she already owns in the form of little people that live in a pocket =)  

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Plush Jake The Dog (Adventure Time)


This is Jake the dog a character from Adventure Time, if you haven’t heard of Adventure Time here's a handy Wikipedia link It’s The Best Cartoon Ever! And I urge you to watch it! I made him for my brother out of an old T-shirt and a 25 pence

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Random Plush toy


Another simple make, made out of an old fleece and influenced by a shape seen in an elastic band the paints where there and everything.

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Cactus Soft Toy


I was messing around with sewing one day and the final outcome sort of looked like a fabric cactus, so I got some more fabric and a pot and made a fabric cactus simple =)

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Plush Pocket People Gray


Pocket people made from jeans and bits of shoe. Each one has its own personality because each one varies, this is the gray set. The reason behind doing this is because I wanted to make a character and then draw it instead of the over way around.

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Recycled Dudes


These are Shoe People created entirely out of shoes. I did these because I wanted to create characters out of everyday objects that regularly get replaced.

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